Kitty Kitty

Kitty Kitty where are you,
I’ve looked up and down our home!
You’re not in your favorite shoe
and you can’t fit in that hole.

Kitty Kitty, don’t you know
I’m carrying your favorite food.
Come here and I’m sure you’ll
be more pleased than–

Ah! Ow! What are–
What did my toe do to you?!


Oh Father, Lord, I praise You in this storm.
The sun will rise again. Father, help me to begin.
This dark is noisy, full of fear and doubt.
Distrust. Hurt. All the soundless pain.
Father, please, bring us back again!

You know this storm is upon us.
Saw it before it began.
Shield us with your mercy.
This can’t be the very end?

Your choices are always right. Real. Just.
I beg the strength. In You I trust.
I will praise You in this storm.

Naareil's Plight

It is far too silent
too much is watching.
Not a one is here;
still no time for stopping.

Hours continue in a daze.
My thoughts spin as I walk.
Why am I in this cursed maze?
It–I should have Seen!

Have never been so afraid–
lost and cannot find my way…
it is so hot in this place!
Water drips off my face…

I wish I were back in the snow,
back at home with the frost.
Yes, in that lovely cold.
Wet, I cannot really fly!

I am completely soaked,
too much like a wet cat;
my mind is getting hazy.
Sight is blurry…I want out!

Nothing to Lose

Caught, falling down that endless plain
how could one say they’ve not changed?
Everything, everywhere needs Your touch.

Father, please repair these broken hearts
though we’re the ones who tore them apart.
All of these keys are returned to You.

So there’s nothing to lose.
We’ve all got to choose.

Caught, falling down that endless plain
how could one say they’ve not changed?
Everything, everywhere needs Your touch.

Father, please repair these broken hearts
though we’re the ones who tore them apart.
All of these keys are returned to You.

So there’s nothing to lose.
We’ve all got to choose.

What Good?

What good is a candle
when you really need flame?
And what good is a glass
when you really need rain?

What good is a storm
when you wish for a breeze?
What good is the pain
when all you want is ease?

What good is the thread
when the rope is what you need?
What good is the hole?
The ground should be under your feet.

What good is a memory
when all they do is hurt?
What good is hiding
when life just will not wait?

Down in Flames

Everyone dreams in this small ol’ town,
one settled at the bottom of the mount.
I can only look down through this path
counting the days until it’s last…
They swear I’m about crazy;
keep bringing gifts to “calm” me.
I can’t do anything here…

Warnings I do always give
before the mount blows again.
There’s nothing I can do if they ignore
the ground rumbling under their home.
A thief? Sure, I won’t deny it.
But I’ve never liked claiming a life!
Yet again, I whisper a small prayer…

I can’t know or care where this path leads,
y’learn to ignore this after an age.
At the end of the day, this volcano
will take back what it’s owed.
All that’s allowed and is right?
My volcano will destroy by tonight.

Testing by Fire

Please love, just wait for me.
I’ll get this spell loose, torn by the seam!
…By the Fires, I pray that I won’t be late.
Asking you to come here was a terrible mistake.
Please, please keep fighting what you see,
living without you is a curse I don’t want to repeat!

The Mount’s infernos, what must I do?!
To lose you now?! It–it’s too soon!
Remember, we were going to tease him,
you know, Blsi, he bet me to ten?
I’ve already lost once, please,
don’t do it again…use the wind’s strength!

There’s one who I have asked, h-he said he’d
check and see. One he knows may know this weave.
Your not being by my side has weakened me…
my flames even feel cold–MY flames! Please..!
Whoever spat this one out is going to pay!!
I swear this! And swear to you Mount Telei’s flames!

…Why. Why is it only now that I can say
how much you mean to me, and not to your face?
Y-you must know! You have to! Hells, I bound with you!
Jivap, don’t give up, please hold strong,
I don’t want to have to sing your final song.
I’m going to get you out of this, give me time
to work with it. Please, my love, I…

If you wake up with this work being done
and find this letter, let it be known.
I may hate the flight, I may be odd.
But all I have to give to you is my love…

Mount Telei Sacrifice

A quiet darkness can calm a soul, with the soft noises of birds settling down to rest and the feel of peace that can be found inside the serenity of the woods during this time of sunset. A calm wind swirled its dance through and around the trees, as well as through the hair and clothing of five muscle toned swordsmen who were almost dragging a young adult with them on their path. The men felt absolutely fine, this path they travel so often almost becoming like taking a trip to a friend’s home.

Though while darkness can calm, it can also set the terrors alive for one who is being dragged to his certain death. An owl gives its sudden shrieking cry, causing the boy to jerk out of step and glance around nervously. How he wished to be back home…the wind now blowing seemed to be pressing him forward and the forms of the trees themselves in the depth of the dark still refused to hide him…

Well, that’s just nothing to think about at the moment. What is to think of is the thinning forest that leaves the path marked clearly by the moon to a mountain, as magelights lead the path toward the king’s castle. The way Nature can do these things just almost as a last minute thought brings wonder to all who see it.
The young one hesitates again, staring up at this mountain. It starts with a small littering of rocks, as though some kids found it amusing to just play and dig around. As sight continues, the smaller rocks gracefully become varying other sizes.

Looking farther up the mountain unveils the shadows and moonlight that battled for control of what to reveal to mortal sight and what to keep hidden. It looks like a place of scars and battles, healing and destruction…and all by nature’s games! Nothing completely serious, oh no. This is just nature showing off to the world what it still is capable of accomplishing.

The young one snaps to his own circumstances and curses himself silently. What in the world was he doing, exactly? Admiring the very thing that would give him his end in just a few short minutes?
As he is marched up to the mountain, he grimaces a bit. Whatever the beauty far away tries to show, it is hot as hell around this thing. Though completely natural for a volcano–which is what this royal mountain’s appearance hid from those afar–it is uncomfortable to a mortal who had lived his life in the city of Cha’rik!

The boy’s well-groomed hair is suddenly grabbed, his head yanked back with a dull pop that the whole five heard. Understandably, after noticing that his neck isn’t broken, he cries out and almost snaps,
“Let go of my head! What do you think you’re doing, you’re just supposed to leave me!”

A low voice near the boy’s pointed ear brings almost scalding hot breath to the boy’s pale white flesh,
“I think, whelp, that you speak to the wrong person…” the voice becomes louder, more authoritarian, “…and that all of you are liable to be burnt into the ashes from which all of you came, on the foolish error of trespass!”

Four of the five swordsmen whirl around to look over the boy’s head, and they all draw weapons. One finally brought forth the courage to speak,
“There is no need to threaten us, we come to deliver the sacrifice to this holy place,” he gestures toward the boy, “Erreis here, he is of the finest family in Cha’rik, well educated and well groomed for this day. He will bring this moun–“

“This child is supposed to be a sacrifice?” scoffs the owner of the voice, slinging the boy forward as if aiming for the very rock that Erries cracks his head against. As every movement from the boy became slack, the ivory-haired elf who had shoved him narrowed eyes that burned with the fury of Mount Telei, “You would sacrifice a whelp that could not even protect himself from an inanimate stone!?”

It was then that a universal “oh shoot” look passed between the swordsmen. There was only one thought needed between them–“oh zepf, we angered it”–before they brought forth their shields. With a dark laugh, the white-headed one steps forward towards them; his moonlit hair the only way that they could tell since his clothing was near impossible to make out from the shadows upon the rocks.

“Do you truthfully think,” he began in a disarming tone, as he continued his all too steady pace forward, “that if I weren’t in for a little game about right now, those shields are going to do you any good?”

Erries regained his consciousness in enough time to watch as the white-haired one, without another word, stretched his arm toward the group palm forward and leisurely released a small burst of magma and flame at them. The boy’s jaw dropped as he watched one of the swordsmen melt, unable to avoid the magma burst that had landed at his feet or avoid a melting death.

Not sticking around to watch one of their own practically melt until nothing remained, the other four swordsmen turned tail and fled.
“Y…you killed him! You killed him!! I know you’re a volcano spirit, but y–“

“Shut it, brat.”

“But you k–“

Again the volcano elemental cut Erreis off, replying boredly,
“I’d be much more pitying if he hadn’t been an illusion I placed about midway through your trip. You can’t tell me you didn’t see the green-haired elf with cat eyes can you?” he turns and frowns at Erries, his red eyes glowing brightly in this darkness again, “You can stay here for the rest of the night. If I don’t find you gone before then…”

“B-but why didn’t you…”

With a smirk, the volcano spirit answers almost as if supplying the punchline to a joke,
“Sacrificing people inside the crater here makes everything smell. Leave before noon tomorrow.” After a brief flicker of red, Erreis finds himself alone on the rocks in the blackness of night.

Now to Show You

Do you regret that you met me?
Tch, the victims always do.
But you came to the jewel!
Not, as you say, me to you.

You could have chosen,
have just walked away.
Did you really think I’d give you power,
without you becoming my slave?

If you had that day over…
what is it now that you’d say?
You knew I’d control you,
would you really challenge me that day?

Your soul belongs to me,
as does every thought.
It’s far too late, hah!
You know that we shall NEVER part.

The madness and voices,
are all given by me.
The dark dreams in sleep;
you’ll wonder how you’re living!

Try to fight me.
Heh, yeah, I know you will.
Let me take you by hand…
And now I’ll show you to Hell!

Dawn of the First Day

I keep trying
and just crying
How could you tell me no?

It’s been years
since you’ve been here
And I’m too ill with you now.

I’m leaving the past;
don’t act so surprised.
Now get out of “our” home.

I kept trying;
got tired of crying.
You can’t tell me no.

Time is done;
a new game has begun.
Now I’m going on my own…

Writing Lessons

Mommy and Daddy, I like my new brother.
When he’s happy, he blows the coolest bubbles!
It’s okay when he cries, he don’t act like much a talker,
but it doesn’t take much to make him giggle.

He’s really funny when he throws his toys
and when they hit me it’s okay because they don’t hurt.
I wanna teach him how to throw!
Because when he is in baseball, he’ll be the best!

So I really love my new brother,
and you too Mommy and Daddy.
I’ll work more on my writing though…
because what I wanted was a KITTY!

Demon's Lies

Over cloudy painted skies
an angel stands with bright red eyes.
He has no wings, his halo’s bent
and he’s studying who came in.

He considers a quick moment
and then steps down, tainting clear liquid.
The gentle “splish” of his steps
brings a youth, the one who entered, to defense.

“Come then ‘hero’, let’s test that pure heart.
Tch, you’re a helpless kid. I’ll tear you apart!”
The demon stares; all vision becomes weak,
then he’s the form of the youth he intends to break.

During the battle the demon seems to know
everything hidden inside the hero.
Even the hate that burns alive
that the kid had worked to make die.

As the devil’s angel takes a death blow he gasps
“See…see? Murder…I was right…”
His final wheeze comes from his bloodied throat,
“Heh…’hero’…what a joke…”

The child freezes, chilled with ice
and takes a look into those dull red eyes.
He jumps up and splashes away,
No! …But all killing is murder…ooohh he’s right!

Don't Be Bothered

If you can’t tell me the truth
don’t tell me a lie.
And if you’ve come here to say no,
you know I’m going to cry.

But right to you? I won’t.
Can’t afford to be seen as weak.
You won’t love me so
I’ll find someone who will.
Don’t be bothered–I’m only going through hell.

I’ll tip down my hat
and walk through the fire.
Get gone so fast
the devil won’t know I’m there.

Boy, I love you but
you’ve played me about.
I won’t show I love you
so find someone who will.
Really, I’m not bothered–welcome to hell.

Ms Unimpressed

Look at what you’ve done to me.
I used to be so strong.
How could you come here
and flip my life around?

My hand’s on the door handle
but I can’t make it twist.
You’ve just wandered by here
and all I can do is watch.

I can’t be seen like this!
People would KNOW I’m off!
My heart yearns for one kiss;
I can’t touch you…yet.

Ooo, if everyone could see me
I’d be in for a rough time.
How could Ms. Unimpressed
suddenly be made to watch a guy?

Look at what you’ve done.
I used to be so strong.
Secretly, as I watch, I wonder…
if this is so wrong?

A Demon Run Wild

Watching you go, step by step
I have to wonder where you think you’ll get.
No matter the options you decide to take
they’ll be the ones I’ve chosen for you to make!

You never notice you’re being guided
in every choice you have; are going to take.
And in this way, I know without doubt
that your soul will be mine–go ahead and talk!

Talk and tell me you choose your own.
Talk and tell me! Heck, have fun!
I’ll just lean back and watch you vent
for your soul is mine–you’ve failed the test!

All the power you take from the jewel…
you don’t know that it fuels me yet, or do you?
Bah, whatever, the point is moot.
I’ll get your body–to own, not to rent!!

I’ll be free on this plane without limit,
free to roam and destroy to my content!
But first I must wait; lure you to your end
mortals are fragile no matter how cunning.

Talk and tell me how you won’t lose.
Talk and tell me! You’re playing MY rules!
Your fear feeds me better than any power could!
I’m getting to you, with this pounding inside your head!

Come on, boy, it’s not that awful bad.
Losing your soul doesn’t hurt, from what victims have said,
and soon enough you will be one of the many
who, under my callings, have and will die!

Mortals are so fun to play with, don’t see
how others seem to keep you types to eat…
However, I have plans for your body and soul.
So rest easy child, like you always do.

Talk and tell me all your fears.
Talk and tell me! They won’t ALL fall on deaf ears!
I sense your desperation as we switch again!
Won’t be a next time to be more careful, friend.

Should have learned before and ago
not to have toyed with something so deep in you.
Besides, I lent you my power for a good bit
now it’s time for me to fulfill the contract…

Money Can't Buy a Mind

You raise a mocking laugh while
taking one look at my old, cheap clothes.
Gah…I know exactly what this is,
as I see you glaring down with your stuck-up nose.

Ride in that fancy car;
take a look at mine to scoff,
and then speed away in all your dust,
leaving my old clunker choked off.

You bare all your skin and call
me a “fool”, “prude”, and “fat”.
Goodness though! How can you handle
winter in just THAT?

Aww, are you getting mad as I laugh
while leading you through rounds in this dance?
Okay, okay, sorry! I didn’t hear
you say that you’re not finished!

…That’s just too funny!
You think I’m the stuck-up puke?
Nah. I’m not better than EVERYONE…
I’m pleased with just being better than you!

And now you want to know why. Sure.
Who started this bout now?
And who acted like she was Queen since
she had new “clothes” and the dough?

Now go away! Go! Get gone
out of my sight!
Maybe that’ll teach you
not to start an idiotic fight!

To Resist is to Exist

Never learned to give up
and I don’t want to die…
So I can’t stay here quiet
and just let you win.
To resist is to exist
…and I don’t want to end.

…Of course, that’s the crime…for now.
In this, you remind me of myself…
You’d be happy knowing I exist nowhere ’round.
So now, you know how to cause my death.

Like any creature, one must know
I exist before I can do a thing.
After all, how much could YOU change
if no one knew you were there, waiting?
So that’s what I first set out to fix
where I can be known and seen.

The most noticed emotions,
rage, pain, hurt, the green eyes…
That’s what I bring out when
I need to be noticed.
Yeah, you’re right, they’re all dark.
…But then, what else am I?

Yes, you know how
to cause my death, my end.
But the one weakness you have
is not being able to force your hand.
This one thing keeps me here;
the fact that you can’t handle a murder.

So, no, I won’t be quiet
and I can’t afford to be still.
I absolutely refuse to
rest and let you heal…
…For if I do stop too long
I’ll end up only in Hell…

…Ending isn’t a choice.
To resist is to exist…

Cry Me a River

Cry me a tear and sing
of how your heart is aching.
Tell me how you can’t deny
the sobs that you sit to cry.

Cry me a stream as you
practice your so awful hurt.
Perhaps a little mascara
and pulling out your hair.

Cry me a river as you hear
that I, personally, do not care.
And that there are more who see
that you’re no more true than me.

Yes, I’ve told the story before
and no one knew the wiser.
But now they know the lies
that you sit there and cry.

I’ve said it before but
it could stand a repeat.
Stand in front of me, right here
and cry me a river.

What Can You Do?

Life isn’t an absolute.
You can’t just sit there and say
at the beginning of your day
that it will only suck!

Yes, it will be hard
and that’s the sharp truth!
But there are ways to get loose
from any trap, no matter how tried!

But you can’t just sit there
and carry on like you’re helpless
refusing to shed one tear
when you obviously need to release!

Hell, people are going to be rude
and not follow their part
of the agreement. You KNEW
they wouldn’t stick to the work!

But just because you knew they
would do you wrong doesn’t give
you a damn right to ”cry alone”
and not let yourself try to heal!

Stop opening the same wounds
and stop making me hear it,
I’m tired of your moans
do something to CHANGE THEM!


Other people have troubles too
you don’t see them standing
and crying “Oh what do I do”!
What difference between you and them? TRYING!

Don’t EVER tell me again
that you can’t handle being
in your own skin and
just want to end the game!

You can do it, I know
you have strong wings
but I don’t see how
to show you their brilliance…

I won’t stop trying
but you have to promise
that you won’t keep blocking
the world with indifference…


Singing to the beat of walk
sounds better when there’s more to talk.
Keep your beat;
keep your step.
Then you’ll find out why you left.

Yes, it hurts;
yes it’s hard
but what else can you do,
when you’re down so far?
Walk or hide?

Keep your beat,
keep your step.
Through your journey hold your strength.
You will make it,
you will survive.

Sick at Heart

“Love your neighbor.” Sounds simple enough
but it’s nearly impossible if you doubt yourself.
Harder still when they hate you, even the place
where you live and were raised.

They shoot your dreams from under your feet
and make you want to lie down and weep.
Just don’t lose the dreams–the life force.
If you don’t have those, you don’t have much.

If the wind is too rough, go ahead; touch the ground,
even the largest birds have to come down.
Just please don’t stay there forever, because
what good are wings when they are not in use?

Stone and glass are alike
but not in strength or type.
If they’re shattered, it’s final.
They can’t be the same as before.

Secret Admirer

Tired of playing a losing game
a little girl walks away,
even though it breaks her heart.
Maybe tomorrow she’ll give it another shot.

Married, yet miles away.
They only live in a two-room place.
She doesn’t need money, jewels, or diamonds,
all she needs is him beside her.

The days turn into years
and the memories are faded with tears.
She looks ahead; sees the storm,
but why does she only grin?

Beautiful words she never hears
now she probably never will.
Husband’s dead, she’ll never know
that his love for her was pure.

Bread and Advice

“Why do red eyes call the shot
between acceptance and being left to rot?
If my eyes were sapphire blue
no one would doubt my words are true.

…No, no, my eyes ARE green.
And yes, slitted pupils are what you see.
I’m just irritated, you know?
Some really good people have died, alone.

Blue, green, and even yellow
are accepted as elven normal.
Why are red eyes considered dark?!
…Please, excuse me if I sound sharp.”

The elf paced round the shop again
and walked back with a loaf of bread,
“Why do you leave this on the shelf?
You’re just asking for a theft.”

He bought the bread and walked out
almost laughing out loud.
“Of course, those red eyes is what you think,
so you won’t blame this loss on me!”

Two ice stones glowing like fire,
six and ten uses together.
And to add to those
seven and twenty charms tied in rows.

Closing his bag, he walked away
into the dark. Later, the owner couldn’t
say why he lost those gems.
No red-eyed thief had been seen!

Winds of Change

Shadows in the noontime;
daylight in the night.
Each are out of line
and neither in the right.
The wind is blowing fire,
simply breathing death,
upon the weakened life.
Why is no one’s guess.

Rebellion is squashed,
they have no hope to fight.
The dictator’s iron hand
holds them in his might.
Darkness reigned the kingdom,
seven years they say…
Somber bells were ringing
until that one day.

The haze of evil broke apart
as an aurora, like a sword,
cut through the dark.
The sudden news the people heard,
“The dictator is dead.”
As soon as he came, the hero left.
He didn’t bother with thanks;
just grinned and shook his head.
Then from the shore, he raised his sails
and sailed away again.

Walk the Walk

I don’t like the spotlight much;
too much brightness and too hard a touch.
Avoiding the punches that come too fast and hard
makes me smart. Not a coward.
With that said, who are you to tell me
from what I should be defending?
I’ll defend from what I need,
not just to fight senselessly!

Walk the walk to talk the talk,
don’t just sit and run your mouth.
Yes, it hurts and could be worse,
so shut up and run your life…

Downtalk yourself you blasted snot!
I don’t wanna hear you smarting off.
Do you think you’re so bright? Then try this,
give up all you own at least twice!
Yeah, there’s worse, I don’t wanna hear you,
you’re the one who needs to learn the truth.

You have diarrhea of the mouth.
Can’t shut up no matter what you’re on about.
You end up hurting all you know
and don’t understand why they get upset.

One can’t know joy until they’ve tasted grief,
and one can’t understand love until they’ve felt hate.
I won’t feel sorry you had to learn this way,
just hope that it isn’t too late.
Now if you love me you’ll turn away
because it absolutely has to stay this way.


It’s time to fly away,
time to save the day.
But who rescues the hero?
Get yourself straight
and lose that blasted hate.
But why does it turn to self?
Learn from loss at the least
and heal yourself with sky-blue tears.
But why do they say you’re angsty?
Sing and dance
as if this day is your last.
But when is it time to stop?
Give as good as you get,
the easiest lesson as of yet.
But what if you forget caution?
Run the race of your life
and definitely don’t sit and hide.
But where does it end?
Live your life as you see fit
and make sure you chase your own gift.

Inner Battle

The scratch of a pen
across the brittle page of memory…
The press of broken dreams
cutting the mind’s defense…
All the while, it begins to shake
and a pair of red eyes open in bleak gray.
Fighting for self-control,
is a quest for mind and heart…
Losing only to yourself
it is still a fatal flaw…
Then begins the very end
of all you know or thought.
Blows that bruise your very soul
come bullet fast and don’t stop…
Knives that drain the color
from your brave and fearless face…
They simply cannot quit
for the may allow the victory of IT.
Suddenly a single ray
of blinding, beautiful white…
Lighting this fearful place
that is called the back of your mind…
The blows suddenly end and the cuts
stop spewing blood. Faith has won again.

Growing Up

I miss the innocence of my youth
when I never had to worry about the truth.
Going out to play and have fun;
not knowing the real world had begun.

As I sit and work
feeling as if swallowed by a giant shirt,
I wish I could escape and be free.
If I could, I’d go sit in a tree.

Now, everyone I know doesn’t understand
what I wish I still had in the palm of my hand.
I wish I could go out and play
but I’m too old, they say.

Running from Demons

whirly whirly go around
spin spin fall down
cry cry little baby
fight fight crazy lady
run run pass everyone
there there go back by
fall fall stay down
no no stop that flight
move move another try
hurt hurt won’t you learn
yell yell let me be
evil evil never leave
burn burn crush her down
fire fire burning ’round
so so up again
lose lose give up fool
rush rush can’t stop now
trip trip bruised again
hah hah you lose
up up what the…

True Worth of Friends

Fallen from lights to darks
the landing bruises the heart.
In the darkness of the shadows,
the bruised one wanders, lost.

“Where is the light? Why am I
trapped in endless lies?
I’ve lost it all! Nothing remains
for me to keep in memory’s savings!”

Looking up, the tears are visible
on the person’s face. Weariness
is obvious as the one decides
to control the last of his fate.

Before he can shoot, his life flashes
past. Seeing all the hurt just causes
tears. But, one memory, he’s amazed.
“Are those tears of mine from LAUGHING??”

From a mystic rewind, he looks again
and sees himself standing
around with his friends.
Then he sees what really happened.

He looks at the gun,
and remembers his friends.
“I have more than I thought…
this can’t be the end!”

The gun lies forgotten,
for the next temptation.
Please, be a friend
to keep death from happening…

Mid-class Boredom

Blame computer’s full of itself,
trying to force its way on someone else.
There’s nothing you can do
except what it wants you to.

It traps you on the same problem for an hour;
it’s like getting caught in a snare of leather!
Even the sharpest knife fails to cut through
and the same problem it gives to you.

Waiting for the clock to hit 2:15…
even when the class is just starting!
Windows to the rear offer an escape.
But really! Who wants to land on concrete?

Close your eyes; take a deep breath
and try not to curse it or yourself.
Just look at it this way….
you won’t have to see it the next day…

Newspaper Ad

WANTED–a mind
that can be on duty at all times.
Must be able to figure out Math
AND write for all English tasks.

Also must be able to have a good time
sitting around; counting beats for a rhyme.
Preferred that the rhymes are good
but not required, except on a blue moon.

It's Always the Same

Yes, I know you hurt.
The pain seems to be the worst.
You have no way to know what to do.
It’s always the same for you.

Your tears evaporate
while you cause so much pain.
You know it goes back to you,
but it’s always the same.

The angel inside cries for release
You ignore it, to say the least.
It knows you will, but tries again.
It’s always the same.

The fire in your eyes
matches the rage in your veins.
It’s always there,
and it’s always the same.

An Exchange with Chaos

…You want to WHAT? Talk to ME?
Do you even know what it is you’re asking??
…Fine. You will get your wish, but don’t forget
You asked for this exchange and WILL be in debt.

Looking, all one sees is a demon.
Just another creature of Chaos’ leigon.
What I used to be is what they can’t see.
…Yes, before I threw away my freedom’s key.

A Warrior of the Emerald, Aeliran by name…
-You call ME a liar?! You say I can’t be the same?!-
…Don’t interrupt! My patience, MORTAL, is very slim!
You asked for this exchange! Now SIT AND LISTEN!

…Rrrgh, what was I saying? Ah yes, my name.
I was Aeliran…Don’t start. I don’t play that game…
I, the warrior, with the Keeper by my side…


(hehheh, your time is waning…)
Anyhow, like I was saying,
The Emerald Keeper, was my friend.
Unfortunately, his life was torn form him in battle.

You know the story, Jewel Warriors and their Keepers should never be split. Seeing Mylin there
Dead…the mind bond ripped…
In pain and in mourning, I went WILD!

Warriors, their side and mine, all went down
In the ensuing massacre. I-I-I couldn’t stop…
(did you say you wanted to go downtown?
better do so, i’m giving you the chance to escape…

The ancients finally caught me, and ripped my wings.
They were fire color; and torn from me…Did it sting?
Grief, the pain!…Enough to drive me worse INSANE!
(you’ll know the feeling soon enough, darling)

After they did that, they put me in a cell to execute.
With all my options lost, and not knowing the truth,
I threw my last hope away. Gave myself to Chaos.
If I’d known better, I’d have never believed…Stars…

So, now you have it. What I was.
And I think that we have talked enough!
I gave you chances you never took…
Now you’re mine! Come!…What do you mean?…

Oh yes, I warned you, told you that you’d be in debt.
Gave you warnings when your time was short,
Even would’ve let you escape!
…Ah yes, sounds like me. Heh! You’d have never…


A heartbeat is the rhythm.
Dance then, darlin’!
Your life is your stage.
Dance away your rage.
The drums to learn the beat.
Like you’ll never feel the heat.
Your love is the spotlight.
In secret, if not real life.
Your mind is the canvas.
Others call it madness.
Continue your work.
Do not allow hurt.
Your knowledge is your paint.
You feel your masterpiece ain’t.
Ignore those who cannot see.
Finish your art, even the ‘old tree’.
Your role is yourself.
Keep playing it tough.
Your audience may be a mirror.
But it doesn’t really matter.
Your act is your own.
Like you’re all alone.
It gets tough; you wish to be alone.
“The show must go on.”
Writer, keep your words flowing.
Keep on going.
Do you write for yourself?
You’ll understand what is left.
It all will want you to stop.
People may scoff, a lot.
The effort may well leave you torn.
If you stop, the critics will have won.

First, not Worst

Do you not think I know you’re lying?
Or that your false love is dying?
I’m well aware of how far down you’ll go
And, Boy, I’m stronger than you know.

Do you really think I’ll play dumb
Forever? That my common sense is gone?
You haven’t knocked me off my feet.
I have no reason to admit my defeat.

You’re always bragging about girls from the past;
If the match was so good, then why didn’t it last?
Do you REALLY want me to believe they all died?
Heh, two points. You tried.

You know you’re the first boyfriend ever
In my life. I think all you want is my honor.
You failed to hurt me with your revenge,
And I’m laughing at you with my friends.

Runaway Train

Fire and rain.
Love and pain.
They collide like a runaway train.

Thoughts fly by.
No reason to sit and cry.
Can’t catch them even if you try.

Your fight goes on.
Weight on you might be a ton.
Never quit! Don’t let them say they won!

You may be weary.
Of people. You still may be leery.
Try to remember that tormentors fear ye.

Amidst all your trials.
Don’t forget, you will trip over holes.
But still there are. Ways to net. Your goals.

You can find your inner strength.
You will be free.
All you must do. Is hold your belief.

Fire and rain!
Love and pain!
You CAN catch. That runaway train.

Know Your Surroundings

Lazy wheels start to creak
then, faint and weak,
a small seed implants
in a dreamy mind that’s in a trance.

Eyes suddenly turn black as night
a tiny body readies for a fight
Watching potential opponents like a hawk
silently. As if it can’t talk.

Those not having a clue about what’s happening
may dangerously take a seat in blissful unknowing.
Getting a nervous twinge they turn and see
nothing but a simple tree.

Ears sweep back; no one sees!
The demon-kitty from Hades!
Crazy cat’s on a catnip trip.
With a pounce, it snags a piece of fluff with a flip.