Mira – White Phoenix

Mira is in a pretty outfit, according to Luhuala. Oh my gosh, that is really just a costume for her to wear? It’s beautiful!
Her hair and eyes are so cute; I can’t help but wonder if she could get some gliding in with the fabric used in the clothing. Would really love to see how she’d get some use out of that spear, too.

Tiger Lily

Can you believe how much detail is in this piece? And just let your eyes rest in the painting colors.
I personally love the attention given to the grasses all around her; all of that helps surround the woman perfectly. And just take a look at her eyes! At this point, I’m willing to say that Luhuala is a master at drawing and painting eyes.
Love this whole thing!

Afterrain Stroll

This city looks quite amazing, especially with the lights reflecting on the wet road. And the glow on the blue sign on the left makes it look very bright, I love it!
Speaking of what I really enjoy in this image, it’s amazing how well Luhuala drew and painted the hair in this piece. I wonder what kind of game this character would be in? Because he sure looks like he belongs in one.

These three pieces were so beautiful! Check out Luhuala’s gallery to see even more; and she does commissions!

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