Spiderman vs Green Goblin

This is going to be a common theme of my comments but I don’t know much about the Marvel comics, or even if these two ever met each other. But isn’t it the best position for them both to be in? Falling as if they’ve leapt from the edge of the high rise building in front of us, dealing with all of their fight in as they come closer and closer to the ground beneath!
Let’s hope Spiderman has some way to get out of that rope in time…

Cosmic Ghost Rider

I’ve heard of the Fantastic Four, so to get to see a piece of art that shows them? That’s very exciting! And be sure to take notice of everyone in the background.
Ghost Rider isn’t something that I know about, however, so let’s just go to how great his clothing and pose is! His armor on the chest is just amazing, I wonder how long it took to paint it and to make it all come together? The shining bands around his wrists are amazing too. I wonder if that helps keep his inventory in reach or if it helps control himself? …it’s also quite possible that they are just to seem cool. That’s always a perfect reason to have them. Amazing piece!

Dr Doom: King of the Universe

This is such a lovely setup! First off; of course I like villains way too much so his pose looks excellent for destroying something, but can we just admire how the starry background helps to bring him forward into our sight? The colors everything is painted just gives that extra oomph and it’s great!
Speaking of the pose, it’s done super well. It can be so hard to position a pose doll in whatever program, so super respect to get everything to work like it has! And of course, amazing respect for how well Crossdigi painted this. Because I think most of us know that most pose dolls don’t have their own armor and whatnot. Excellent work!

These were some very interesting pieces! The link to see more of Crossdigi’s work is right here; so drop by and check things out!

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