Reyn Offers You a Gift

First off, I love the colors in this piece. The blue and teal in the background help set off the dark purple Reyn is and I love his hair. His eyes were super well done as well!
I wonder what’s in the gift he’s giving us? It’s been wrapped up very cutely and I can’t help but adore the bow that HammerWriter managed to put on it. This is all so well done!

Heart’s City

I wonder who lives in the town so high? It almost appears that flight would be required to get up there…but maybe there’s a way up hidden in the stone? The houses at the bottom edge of the rock are beautiful too. To just get a chance to live nearby such a place!
That sky is just gorgeous; I’m in love with it! And what do you think about the forest right on the edge of the road we’re looking down? It is so lush! Beautiful work.

Izzy and Sisu’s Halloween Confusion

Aah, to be on the way to a halloween party and meet up with someone dressed up like you. How embarrassing! I bet the two had a lovely time after the surprise.
Sisu is the dragon here and it really does look like Izzy had the right idea for her costume. She looks so cute as a mini dragon! Can’t forget how pretty Sisu looks, pretending to be a pony too. It works perfect in my eyes. Lovely piece!

Amazing works, right? Here is the link to HammerWriter’s gallery; you’ll love what else you can see!

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