Gradient Winds

The colors chosen in this piece are so so pretty! And that lake is so very pretty, personally loving how it’s coming up to the shore. Isn’t the reflection in the water just perfect? I have so much respect for how that dress came out, too. Is the character a princess? Perhaps just one of the regular folk in this area who has left the city to get some rest?
Very pretty piece!

Paradise Cove (Stress Free)

That tree being so pink is interesting! It’s clear that this lady is floating near the surface of the water, didn’t MeltingCORE do such a lovely job with all of the reflections? And just look below the water! I’m pretty sure that it’s just the sunlight coming through the water but am I the only one who sees the hints of a city between it?
I am also just in love with how the fish and the ground beneath the woman floating. It makes me think, in a way, that she may have just jumped and is now floating before gravity starts taking her back under. So very pretty!

I Am Watching You, You Are Watching Me

We’re clearly seeing through some kind of portal that has opened and this person staring right back at us…Did she cast the spell? Is she one who is just as startled as we are? And just look at what is forming around us as we enter this new place. Gosh, no wonder she seems so worried–we don’t yet have ground underneath us! May something appear before this shift is completely finished…
This is so very fun piece. How long did it take, do you think?

I love these three pieces! To see more of MeltingCore1994’s work, here is her gallery link. Be sure to check everything out!

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