The colors put in this image really has done a good job to bring Batman closer to the camera, in my opinion. I never thought about using a pinkish shade for such as this!
Can you see those wrinkles in the fabrics too? I love how they work and were built for this image. It’s just been so fun to let my eyes go over the picture to notice little pieces that I hadn’t seen before. So great!

Cat Sketch

I really do enjoy the linework used here! Isn’t this the classic ‘what?’ look that a cat will give you? Just shortly before those eyes go black as night while the kitty thinks about a way to tackle your hand or a toe!
Wonder if this is a portrait of a cat Interstellar643 happened to own at one time? It’s so very cute!

Working Girl

Here is another piece of linework that Interstellar drew. Isn’t it so fun to see how they were able to share how the figure has some form; that the lady here actually takes up some space!
I enjoy the little tale Interstellar has in the artist comments–they had seen or imagined a lady who is on break and thoroughly enjoying that tea or coffee in her cup. Really enjoy this piece, very good work!

Weren’t these three pieces great? To see more of Interstellar643’s work, here is their gallery!

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