Naval Supremacy

Ooo, I wonder where he’s standing? Clearly on a battle ship (I assume) but just look how well the other ship was designed and how much smoke is coming from it! Certainly a win from what may well have been a long battle.
And I have got to squeal about how well the metal floor is reflecting all of these walls and windowpanes! All of the image is great, amazing work!

Summer of 1914

I hope this character is getting a bit of rest in this lovely background…but he seems to be in a war of 1914, in HyliaBeilschmidt’s fiction that they wrote. It totally works together, the peaceful and calm land the character is currently on while the stress and battle is clearly going on in the character’s mind.
It’s so amazing to see the contrast. And just look at the trees, stones, and grasses drawn here. How tiny the brush/pencil was is amazing in my view! Gorgeous work!

The Order of Othala

Just look at this black and white image! It’s amazing, always is great to see when an artist can command the drawing and pen so well! And doesn’t this just work for a paranoid group of people with too much power to their name? The woman in center, Julia, set this bodyguard group up once she was attacked, too. I keep wondering which side she’s on in this fight she’s in.
It’s so fun to see the work created from the stories created for the characters, it’s amazing!

These pieces were so fun to see! HyliaBeilschmidt’s gallery is here so you can check everything out too!

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