Jingle Bell gift No1

This was a super well done gift to one of Rikka-Miyagi’s friends and oh my gosh how adorable! I wonder how much the character is enjoying the candy cane? (Looks like very much since we seem to see the tongue!)
And the wreath sets off the character in center very well. Gives it a lovely background and keeps the red from burning our eyes at the same time! This piece is adorable, I’m so grateful that she showed me this!

Trick or Treat TOH

It’s so fun how everyone is holding onto the one dressed as a zombie. Was the person or people they were asking for candy from so terrifying? …that might actually be possible, since I’ve never seen the show…Wouldn’t it just add that bit extra for this picture’s scene?
In my opinion, Rikka set the scene perfectly. It’s so fun to imagine what the three have come across since it’s *trick* or treat. Really enjoy this piece!

Tiger Blep

A wild animal that has given the camera such a blep. The Tiger in question must have well known the person taking the photo!
Can you see how nice Rikka designed the fur all over this big cat? …I wish it would be safe to just run my fingers through this one’s fur. (But we do have to respect the wild creature in question so no doing it. XD) Cats of any size always have a place in my heart, especially as well as Rikka did on this piece!

I really enjoy the way that Rikka-Miyagi used and handled all of the colors on these pieces and on her gallery! Link is here for your own enjoyment.

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