Caution: Be aware this artist’s work is a bit creepy in its style. If you’re not in the mental state to see this, please wait until the next feature. Thank you.



I do really love how this character is stepping up on that hammer. I like to imagine that they had crushed the creature that was using it, so this is a whole ‘come at me!’ pose until they start attacking the next one that goes after them. XD
Wonder what kind of area this character lives in? Are they small enough to be in the insect section of the ground or are they in one of the many layers of their hellish landscape? This design seems to work either way and I just love it!

Salloween Day 29–Elevator

Another image that’s so very fun to imagine with! Is this child the costume that demon in back pretends to have or is it in the middle of commanding the kid? And just look at how well the elevator is set up to be so easy for the demonic shadow to live in!
And yes…if the child is just the costume, I can easily see it bringing prey into the elevator by making it seem like the kid is just terrified of things. Those poor sweet people who’d check on him…


I can’t help but think that this is the result of someone coming to check on that kid in the previous piece. The hair in the foreground looks almost like the soul of someone being slowly wiped out by that kid with whatever that light is coming from. It’s so fun to imagine all these things!
Of course, maybe it’s just that the character with green hair has stolen the soul of the person owning the hair. That one in the front of the scene, of course, having collapsed; stunned and slowly passing away while the character in front just takes off to find yet another victim.

I really enjoyed this artist’s style and pieces! If you’d like to see more pieces with this theme, artoflotu’s gallery is right here!

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