Mrs. Hudson’s Discovery

That kid is holding onto the character so tightly…I hope the both of them can find what happened to him! This is in some kind of cellar, so that explains how dark things are. Those ladies better not let go of that kiddo anytime soon.
I wonder what time this story takes place in? The dresses that Blueoriontiger drew and painted look quite nice! Seems like Mrs. Hudson is the one who is going to find out what happened in this mystery…may it happen soon for the sake of that kid.

Vigilance-Room Clearing

And here is a scene where the young one has apparently seen a monster. The Sentry and the one further into the room is checking out what they can see to help calm this child. For that little one’s sake, I hope there isn’t something hidden!
This scene makes me think of something set in space, somehow. Perhaps it’s the buttons to the doors, or maybe it’s the alien like creatures to have as help? And goodness knows what the monster may have looked like; if it were real! Really fun piece in my opinion.

A World Hopping Adventure

An adventure where the drawing and painting tools are as needed as the air and water in that realm? That’s what came into my mind as soon as I saw this piece…the artist himself is on the right and the person who came up with all this with him on the right!
Full respect for how Blueoriontiger got that dress to work out, look at how many small pieces there are to protect the character’s legs. Granted that it’s just a dress but it’s amazing. And just take a look how that water and mountain in back has come out. Good work!

These pieces were quite fun to see, in my opinion! Blueoriontiger’s gallery is here if you’d like to see more, yourself.

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