Light Source

Loved this piece as soon as I saw it! Doesn’t it look like she is peeking through a door, or maybe sitting in a bus as it rides by the city buildings? Many compliments to how we can still see the colors on her while there’s only this one streak of light, too.
I’d be wrong to not squeal about how well the eyes have been designed on this character, too. Lovely work!


Upon seeing this piece I wondered what had been done to have earned this kind of look from this person. Did someone drop something? Or maybe someone was screaming at a worker in a shop? Either way, she doesn’t seem at all impressed by what she’s seeing.
Her nose ring caught my attention to. Love how it just seems like it belongs there, unlike how some pieces are drawn. And after that, I also enjoy how delicate her necklace seems too. Excellent work on this portrait, tvtivrt!


And yet another piece where I’m amazed by the eyes. This light green color is almost magical, in my idea, and it’s so fun to see next to her yellow cat-eye like makeup. Or is that possibly a bit of skin marking that her race has? I’d also be wrong to not mention the detail in her hair. Love how carefully it was painted in and how it looks so normal for her to have done.
Lovely piece!

These pieces are amazing! Here’s the link to see more of tvivrt’s work; I’m sure that you can enjoy all of them as well!

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