Toa Tahu

A character from BIONICLE, apparently a video game and Lego characters! I wonder what this one’s job is, if they’re “construction toys”. Or does that mean that you’re meant to build them to become like the figure designed here? For Lego, it could be either way…XD
I absolutely love how we can see how the shoulders and hips are made to move and that sword of his is very fun. Absolute respect for Artoozy for being able to create something that seems so robotic!

Be Strong!

This character is so fun! Is she maybe to help inspire exercise? Maybe just someone who wants the regular strength a person needs so she can make it through her scenes or life? I can see it going either way for her, especially with that lovely yellow she wears.
But just take a look at how nice Artoozy designed her hair! It looks perfect to help keep out of her face and of course lets us see those shoulders and arms that she’s posing! Very very fun work!

Littering Kills

If you’re signed out, deviantart may not even let you see it anyway since Artoozy14 put a mature content warning. I’m following their lead for my site, you may not want to click through if you’re not in the right mind state.
But I have to agree with their argument that littering will and has killed several animals in the oceans and on the lands…this was a great poster to help people maybe think about it. As for the art, it’s very beautiful, I personally love how it shows the dolphin ‘crying’ with the water splashing from it after breaking the surface. And the sky is still super well done, like we can’t see what’s below if we distract ourselves with it.
Good work here, Atoozy14!

Aside from that last piece’s caution, Artoozy14 has some really lovely pieces in their gallery! Link is here, do enjoy!

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