LOVE how this guy is seated in his rolling chair! And I can’t help but think that he’s sewing his clothes together after some wear and tear. But don’t forget to look at his face–aren’t those little teeth so cute! They just fit that wink and smile on his face and the teeth fully work with those adorable wings on his head.
And I do enjoy how the sewn spaces and folds on his clothing are so very clear! Amazing work on them after giving so much detail on the whole scene!
Those bats that live with him are oh so cute, too. XD I love them!


What do y’all think about the birds all over this scene? I’m personally in love with them; they look like they own the whole location. If anyone or anything were to take a step into the space, you may not hear the noise they’d possibly make but you’d have to feel all the eyes on you!
The sky kinda reminds me of one of those mornings where the sun slowly crawls its way to noon, the day had barely started when these birds found their places. And you can see the bits of grass growing through the rock in focus…it must be a rather large one too, since there’s another tree holding its tightest onto the top.
I absolutely love this piece! Excellent work!


I love how this character is dressed and just look at how that light shines off that jacket sleeve! Wonder if the character in the small box on the top right is that weapon? (Just look at how both have that shine attached to them!) Also, do you see the claws at the tips of the fingers? All of this just makes me wonder what kind of job or task this character is on.
And I’d be out of order to not mention how that text looks. That is some amazing design, great work done on that and the whole piece!

Isn’t it so fun to see Sailorman’s work? If you’d like to see more of it, she asked me to mention Backseat Drawing on Discord. So if you’re interested in joining a chat where we do all sorts of visual artwork and writing, that’s the place! Come check us out, you won’t regret it. <3

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