This is so fun! I could imagine following a path of some kind to find somewhere past the horizon; hopefully not getting confused between the pillars and having to restart or be damaged in some way. And I’m absolutely loving the sky. I wonder if the wind is building them for a storm of some kind?
Lovely work done here!


Really enjoying the sky here and I’m having fun imagining what, if anything, someone might buy in that building on the right. And those stairs just seem to be interested in making us go further into the town back there…I’d enjoy it! That pink flower near the drain pipe is too fun not to mention, too. Is it its fault that the fence is broken, mistakenly bitten, or was it just those brats that haven’t been seen lately? (Having a bit of fun with that, it’s probably not intended at all. XD)


Again with me just playing, but I can’t help but think that we’d see this mountain at some point after crossing the field in the first image. Especially since the camera is focused directly on the stone instead of the greens around it. I do enjoy the texture on the trees to the sides, it fits perfectly. I find myself wondering what we’d see here! Not every enemy is hidden in or near a mountain like this…

These pieces remind me of things I used to see in some books or games; it was so fun to see them in Metal’s style! If you’d like to see more of his work, here is his Cohost and Tumblr. Take your time to check them both out, it’ll be so worth your time!

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