This looks like an automation “riding” a horse…perhaps this one is seen in the fields more than inside a city? I enjoy how well Room drew this one’s “body” for sure! I wonder what kind of group this one leads or keeps in control? It seems like it would be a very speedy creature–because I can’t help but think of it running like some kind of horse. Would hate to have this dude coming after me!
Really enjoy this piece!

This is one of the automations from the Steam game Helldivers. In my opinion, Room. did a lovely job on not only the design but I love the shading all over this. Would hate to come across this fellow in whatever task he’s meant to do, seeing that he’s lost one of his arms but is still standing! Have to say, too, that there’s been some lovely work done on showing how the legs and ‘feet’ are designed in this drawing.
Lovely work done, Room!

“You still decay as you breathe”…I wonder how this creature isn’t similar in some way or another. Clearly not what we call “alive” but it has to have some form that’s breaking it down. That it’s fighting against. And its phrase, its design, is quite fun to imagine about!
I wonder how it gets around…does it walk on those ‘tiptoes’ or perhaps fly with them? And it’s quite fun to imagine what it watches, especially since it’s speaking the way it is.
Love it!

It was so enjoyable to see all these machines and other creatures on this feature! Room. is part of Backseat Drawing on Discord, so definitely check out that chat if you’re also an artist who’s looking to share your work or learn some more about it. <3

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