Bi Amy

This piece was drawn during Bisexual Visibility Month, hence the title. I personally think that ManictheMod did a lovely job with her. That hairstyle is done quite well and those hands were done a lot better than I could during my Sonic time. Another thing that helps me enjoy this picture is that Amy’s dress is actually long enough to not shine her underwear. (But that’s just personal likes.)
Great work!

Skylar Reccing the Bucs with Pride

This time, ManictheMod drew a cheerleader and quite well! Again the clothing covers everything that it should be and I love how well the chest and torso come out. I don’t know what the shakers are in her hands but they look like they take up a decent amount of space. The orange and white match so well with her hair, too.

Sexy Cute Popular to Boot

Can you see the character jumping like cheerleaders tend to have to do? I personally enjoy the pose and isn’t that hair in the right shape?
If you follow the link to her deviantart page, you’ll see two more versions of this picture that ManictheMod made previously. The advancing between each version is so very clear! Again, I have to say super work on all of these.

These three pieces were shared with me because ManictheMod had learned more about anatomy with them. And doesn’t the rest of her gallery just show how well she does them? Go to the gallery and see it all yourself.

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