First pass worked pretty well! Trez’s desk near his window and bookshelf; and I’m not too certain what else yet. So now, I need a floorboard and some kind of floor pattern and oh my gosh how am I going to draw Trezari in that chair; we’ll see what references I can find. XD Wish me luck, please!

This was fun to work on too, I love Clip Studio for how its brushes work and how it helps you set up an image. Plus the 3D things it lets you reference! I’ll try to bring it up the next time there’s a sale in case anyone else is interested in trying it.

And adding the figure is just as great! I didn’t stick to just tracing the figure doll today and…it’s at least a great start! I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s still working either way. XD

Here’s hoping that populating the rest of the office is going to be as easy as I want it to be. XD It should be, right? So we know it’s gotta win.

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