My biggest thing so far is finding the paper background to lay the linework on. Tutor did a good idea to make me less focused on painting this piece and letting my linework do the actual job of everything. …not a terrible idea at all, can’t wait to see it come out!

Sketching the hummingbird so far, though…Not so well.

I blame this mess on it being 2:40am

At least the paper promises to be good, right? XD Can and will find better hummingbird feet and I’ve long had an idea for how the top of her head looks. (Pity that this ‘long idea’ is nowhere but her face and hair feathers! XD) Next time I show this sketch, there will be more detail on the books and much more interest on the bird herself.

The idea of the bird promises to work, at least! And I’ve got so many ideas for how the books are going to look. At least everything is fun to burn my mind energy on. XD

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