Flying Jack

Interesting! This is in the style of Homestuck, apparently, and I really enjoy how the purple and blues come together. Is that a lake or river that Jack is flying over or is it in the stars? It fits either way, I think. And I can’t help but like how the colors seem to be so fluid! Very good work here just for that.
Good work!

Beans on a Hill

Here’s something I understand a little bit more–here’s CandyKat’s ponysona, Beans. The hair is so cute on the head, love the highlights both there and on the tail. And I find the firefly on Beans’ wing, Serenity, is very cute, especially against Beans’ color. I personally find the face to be super cute, it seems to make a little more sense than the latest Pony faces (only my opinion there!).
This piece is really fun, great work!

Baby Blue Electric

And isn’t this the cutest sheep you’ve seen in a while! I’d almost love to run my hands over its wool, if it had been taught to allow being pet. Then again, if it’s overgrown, it probably wouldn’t appreciate anything until it got sheared. The color seems to fit so very well in my opinion and I enjoy how well the fluff seems to be sketched and painted.
Really nice job here!

Have to admit it, I had fun looking at these! If you’d like to see more of CandyKat-senpai’s work, you’ll find it right here.

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