I so enjoy how the stars at the top of this piece are going into the character! I wonder, too, what all he broke to come out of the center of the earth? (Because just look at the chains trying to hold it together.) Is he a new guardian for a portion of that world?
Aren’t these colors so very well done too? I love how clean they are, we can just -see- the fires down below and the air and freedom above. Great work!

I never know whether this is meant to be like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, but that’s on me. Both games are so very relaxing and you can do whatever you want to for that game day! I personally love how it’s shown where the character is digging too. Is this a reward or some kind of thing he’s planting? And just look at his house!
This piece reminds me of so many hours burned on either of these calm games, love it!

And finally, so many characters! These seem to be the characters in Janne’s comic, looking forward to getting a look at it! Or maybe they’re from a new story he’s written or drawn? Either way, it’s *amazing* how he managed to fit everyone together on this piece, all applause there. And I bet I see the fellow climbing in the first image, too, cool!
Excellent work with all these!

These pieces were so great to get to see, thanks for showing them to me, Janne! If y’all would like to see more of his artwork, check out his comic site!

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