Very interesting…the Hollow Knight returning to those he freed to help keep contact between all of them? Or even to just keep speaking with those he had been forced to fight, maybe?
Isn’t it amazing how well the past can be seen through that eyepiece they’re in front of? The eyepiece seems to be in something metallic, too; love how Otter was able to make it look so silver here.
And I so enjoy how these characters seem so comfortable in the grass around the location, too. No anger for what the past had to be for the location’s current freedom, it seems, and that’s always the best way!

Boundless Earth, Starry Sky

I enjoy this sky here, it’s a beautiful starlit night with that meteor! But what really catches my eye is how the creature in the sky seems to be coming down to check out the other. Are these two friends? It’s more fun to imagine how well they are getting along. …it would also be interesting if these two creatures were part of the group that “controls” the Earth and Sky in this realm.
Would indeed be fun to listen to them share the tales though!

Commission 2021-4-01

I can see this piece as if Nature has retaken a place away from whatever was built there. Like at one point there had been a bridge or a gate to come inside a walled location. And just take a look at how the grass and moss are slowly eating up these bricks…only another century, I bet.
Can’t you just tell how the bark on these trees feels, too? I wish I could just play in this location! Amazing work!

This artwork is amazing! I have so much respect for traditional artwork, it’s always lovely to see how it comes out. And here is Otterpop’s BlueSky social! Go check it out to see more of her work. <3

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