That background is amazing. It looks like the front man is at some kind of coffee shop or maybe a concert. It reminds me of some older musics, those from the disco or something that was just the clarinet and the trumpet. Of course, he’d be smoking with the orange shades in this location, it’s exactly what was normal at the time! Makes me giggle that his shades kinda slipped but it really looks like he doesn’t care. And isn’t that the point of that kind of music?
It’s also quite fun how the second and third fingernails have those Xs on them. Maybe they’re the ones that would be painted brighter than the rest? Or was it that they’re the darker ones? Either way, this piece is so fun to chat about!

This guy is totally amazing, I love the fur that we can see on its head! And the bit of detail that we see on the bush in front of it. Maybe it’s just having a bit of a snack before it has to fly away for its safety? Here’s hoping that’s not why it’s entirely red, maybe the predator will not notice it in a bit.
At least it’s protected both by the bush and the dark sky…and it’s so amazing how the sky’s stars seem to be coming from the hare’s eye! They fit perfectly in the darkness above it.
And I’d be wrong to not mention that circle on the middle right, above the hare. I see it as some kind of moon, maybe it’s the one calling the stars from the hare’s eye?

There is the predator, grinning at us as we just go by…Oh my goodness, this is so fun to look at and let my mind go with it~! I don’t know what kinda ideas it’s got in that mind but may we be able to avoid them…
Love the way the colors are handled in this piece, so bright in the background and becoming darker and darker as we enter this wolf’s location. And look at its eyes along with that huge grin, it’s clearly pleased with its trap. Great work!

These pieces are amazing, I love them! They were done by Bee_ABee on Backseat Drawing, an excellent Discord chat for artists. Check out the chat if you’d also like to share your own work or learn how to do things.

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