Yay and yay again! My Gems of War character just made lvl 100 Warlord! So of course I’ve gotta show all that off. On top of that, my weapon finally made lvl 10. It’s all working out slowly and surely!

Weapon and what Kiari can cause at the beginning of a level
Her current Gem Masteries

Have plenty more playing to do, too. I’ve chatted with some folks on the game who were, at the time I spoke to them, level 600. @@ Love that this game is so good!

If y’all enjoy match 3 games and enjoyed Puzzle Quest, this one is going to fit in quite perfectly. The version I have is free and, even though it lets you put bits of money on the game if you want, you do not ever *have* to. Anything that you can get by buying is exactly what you will get just by leveling yourself up by playing.

Note: I do not earn anything for chattering about this game here and again, I just like it. XD

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